No Nonsense Magazine Authors

NNM authors listing by last name

Beverly’s No Nonsense Magazine and Body Muscle Journal aritlces written by individuals in fitness, Ms Figure, bodybuilding, powerlifting, nutritionist, as well as self made recipes. Articles written by physique competitors, non-competitors, trainers, gym owners and enthusiast, how they utilize Beverly vitamin supplments in their lifestyle.

1) Liz Maurice. "Liz Maurice Wins Her Pro Card" NNN Vol. VIII #4.
2) Aram Hamparian. "How I Took My Physique (and Life) to a Higher Level." NNN Vol. IX #1.
3) J.R. McKinney. "How I Increased My Competition Weight Eight Pounds Yet Still Came in Harder." NNN Winter 1996.
4) Greg Daniels. "Advanced Muscle Mass Plateau Buster." NNN Vol. VIII, #4.
5) Shane Smith. "Advice to the Bodybuilder." NNN. Vol. IX #1.
6) Brenda Smith. "Making a Dream Come True." NNN. Vol. IX, No. 1
7) Roger Riedinger and staff. "BodyMuscle Forum." BMJ Vol. #5
8) Joe Fogarty. "I Turned My Dream Into Reality with Precision Nutrition and Training." NNN. Vol. IX, No. 3.
9) Roger Riedinger and Dr. Eric Serrano. "Building Muscle Faster" NNN Vol.7 #2
10) J.R. McKinney. "How I Increased My Competition Weight Eight Pounds Yet Still Came in Harder" NNN. Winter 1996.
11) Dave Uhlman. "Blast Workout for Herculean Muscle Quality" BMJ Vol. #5
12) Todd Jackson. "Matrix Revisited for Maximum Power and a National Championship." NNN. Vol. IX # 2.
13) Darren Salmons. "Straight Up: Supplementing Can Facilitate Faster Results with Quality Muscle." NNN Summer 1996)
14) Al Short. "Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks" NNN Summer 1996.
15) Roger Riedinger. "Protein and Whipping Cream?" NNN Fall 1995)
16) Steven Wade. "Guaranteed Formula for Fat Loss and Muscle Preservation." NNN Fall 1995
17) Mike Milas. "Putting It All Together—My Best Year in Bodybuilding." NNN Vol. IX#3.
18) Kristina Henn. "Dedication, Commitment and Desire – My Recipe for Success." NNN Vol. IX #4.
19) Mike Matson. "A Different Approach to Contest Dieting." NNN Fall 1995.
20) Scott Griffin. "Timeline to Bodybuilding Success." NNN Vol. IX #1.
21) Dan Johnson. "Three Shows, Three Wins in a Row" NNN Vol.7 #2.
22) Sean Andros. "Finding the Way with Beverly" NNN Vol. IX #4.
23) Dave Diana. "Countdown to Bodybuilding Success" NNN Vol. VIII #4.
24) Scot Mendelson. "Cycling Nutrition: Rapid Muscle Growth, Rapid Fat Loss" Body Muscle Vol. #5
25) Mark Dal. "Mark Dal, Drug Free Pro Bodybuilder" NNN Vol. IX #4.
26) Jason Theobald. "First to Fourth in Less Than a Year... Beverly Style." NNN Vol. IX #2.
27) Jacqueline Frere. "Beverly by Accident — Winning by Design." NNN Vol.7 #2
28) Adam Wotherspoon. "INTENSITY Spells success for Kevin Koshuta." NNN Winter 1996
29) Roger Schei. "Training and Nutrition Tips for the Time Challenged." NNN Vol. IX #2
30) Julie Lohre. "Childbirth to Figure Champion in just Five Months." NNN Vol. IX #1.