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Creatine Select

Creatine Select – Helping Me Plow through Plateaus and Previous Records
Last time I wrote you my 1 rep max squat was 305. Well..... two days ago I did 290 for 8 reps!!!! I just want to say thank you to Beverly International for making a great product like Creatine Select to help plow through plateaus and previous personal records!

Michael Bistany, CFT
Manchester, NH

Creatine Select Proves Its Worth to Roommate
I love Beverly’s Creatine Select. It is the most effective product I’ve ever used. I’ve used Creatine products over the years and was always left feeling bloated and fat. This really made me shy away from creatine and even with Beverly carrying creatine I didn’t try it. One day, I was reading the Beverly No-Nonsense Newsletter and saw an article where the guy in the photo was using Creatine Select. I couldn’t believe how good he looked. It was that I decided to give Creatine Select a shot. I couldn»t believe what happened; I could actually see a difference. I didn’t experience any bloating or fat feeling and my muscles were fuller and harder, I had more upper definition. I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! I use a great deal of Beverly products and so does my roommate. About six months ago he started using Ultra Size, Creatine Select and Ultra 40. He went from 145 to 160 and even though he has a very lean body, his back is wider and the muscle definition is very apparent. I trust Beverly products, I don’t do cardio and I’m not the least bit insecure anymore. I know Beverly helps me be the best I can be. It’s a shame everyone can»t see this. Some people go for the cheapest – they’re missing out on the best.

Gerardo Laracuente
Brandon, FL

Great Absorption & Recovery with Creatine Select
My favorite Beverly product is Creatine Select. I’ve tried other brands and nothing else has giving me the results that I get from Creatine Select. I get the most possible absorption into my muscles, and recover much quicker. All the Beverly products that I’ve tried have been top quality. I’ve used Mass Aminos, Glutamine Select, ZMA, UMP, Multiple Enzymes, and Muscle Synergy (also one of my favorite products). I recommend them to friends all the time.

Ric Young
New Richmond, OH

Creatine Non-Responder Finally Seeing the Results He’s Looking For
I’ve been a non-responder to creatine except for my first experience with it several years back. Other creatines except Beverly’s seemed to irritate my lower back. Some other lifters I talked to experienced this too. However, with Creatine Select I am experiencing a better pump in the gym and an increase in strength & recovery. Very excited about this!

Tom – from the BI Forum

My Bench Went Up 30lbs, Squats Went Up 55, BB Curls Went Up 15lbs In 6 Months!
I’ve worked out for many years and have tried a bunch of different supplements including a ton of Creatine. My goal is to gain weight and strength. I was at a sticking point for a long time, then I decided to try the Creatine from Beverly during my workouts. It was the only thing I changed in my diet. Over the past 6 months, I have increased my bench 30 pounds, my squat went up from 290 to 345 and my bb curls went up 15 pounds to an all-time max of 135. I’ve noticed increased energy fifteen minutes into the training session and am convinced the creatine is the reasons for my gains.

Brian Rice
Warren, OH

Staying Strong throughout my Workouts
I love Creatine Select so far. I have noticed that I remain stronger throughout my workouts without losing as much strength from set to set.

Edmiston – from the BI Forum

Recover Faster and Gained 4 Pounds of Lean Mass with Creatine Select & Quadracarn
Since I’ve been taking the Creatine Select, about 6 weeks now, I notice that I can squeeze out a few extra reps on my exercises. Between that and the new Quadracarn, which I’ve also been taking for about 6 weeks, I recover from workouts about a day faster. I’ve also gained about 4 pounds of lean mass with no other changes to my nutrition and supplement plan. I was already on a lean gain nutrition plan when I started taking these two products, but I didn’t change anything else... just added in the updated Creatine Select and the Quadracarn.

Dale Dickerson
Mountain City, GA

Awesome Pumps and No Stomach Discomfort
I’ve been on the Creatine select for almost 2 weeks. I have awesome pumps during workouts and don’t feel bloated and no gut ache. I’m getting back to lifting heavy following contests so I’m not up to max weights yet, but I love the Creatine Select. I’m hoping to maybe use it the final week of pre-contest prep, as I seem to get very vascular from it.

Brochas – from the BI Forum

No Bloating and Huge Strength Gains
I have used every creatine out there and have seen the best results with Creatine Select. The added phosphates have assured that bloating never takes place and the strength gains are huge! I take this supplement all the way through the day of a show.

Jesse Dale
Indianapolis, IN

Great Pump and Gains in Strength
I have been using Creatine Select for six weeks now and am still experiencing great pumps, strength gains, and shorter rest periods between sets. Don’t leave home without it!!

Scott Fanti
Wickliffe, OH

Increased Strength at each Workout
I’ve been using the Creatine Select for about two weeks now. Strength is increasing each work out. My recovery time in between sets is getting better and better. My lean mass is also definitely increasing.

Justin06 – from the BI Forum