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Leaner and Bigger with Quadracarn
I’m dropping fat faster than before on same diet with Quadracarn and my energy level seems better. I also like Gymnema Sylvestre extract for blood sugar control. Since Quadracarn has been available (about 6 weeks) my mass is up several pounds. Looks like I’ll be a middleweight instead of a welterweight at Jr. Nationals this weekend.

Joe Daniels
Covington, KY

Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat & Not Really Dieting with Quadracarn
Love the Quadracarn! At first I thought something was wrong because I’m putting on scale weight, but then I see I am getting leaner and I’m not really dieting. And now I have two more people at my office wanting Beverly products.

Gregg Wood
Boones Mill, VA

Better Muscle to Fat Ratio with Quadracarn
I feel great with Quadracarn. I have more energy, my muscles feel tighter and I feel stronger. My scale weight really hasn’t changed much, but my muscle to fat ratio is much better. I weigh 140 and take 9 tablets on training days and 6 on non-training days.

Andrea Green
Holland, PA

Extra Recovery & Fat Loss with Quadracarn
The recovery aspect from Quadracarn is amazing. I’m currently training two times a day, so I need the extra help with recovery. Another bonus is that I’m losing fat and staying leaner, and I’m not even trying to.

Zach Rivera
West Minster, CO

A Must Have for the Triathlete
I’m a very active person, a spin instructor, runner and triathlete. I compete in half and full Ironman and the best pill I ever take is Quadracarn. It gives me energy and power especially when I think I can’t do any more. Actually last night I had my long swim. It was two hours of intervals and I didn’t take them. OMG, what a difference. I highly recommend Quadracarn and any products 7keto/lean out. I love the products!!!

Clara Assael
Pembroke Pines, FL

More Energy & Stabilized Blood Sugar – All on Low Carbs
Can I just tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Quadracarn? I am able to keep lower carbs, stabilize my blood sugar and have more energy! I am getting more vascular too!! I ran out a few weeks ago and Lord have MERCY I could tell the difference. I was praying for the UPS man to hurry up and bring my order!!! Great stuff! P.S. I keep THREE unopened bottles in the cabinet in addition to the one I am taking. NO WAY do I want to EVER run out again!!

Tammy Churchman
Deltona, FL

Lost 4 Pounds in 3 Weeks & Great Pumps during Training with Quadracarn
I’ve been taking the Quadracarn now for three weeks and I feel great. I’m getting great pumps during my workouts and have lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks.

Stefanie Ratterree
Winder, GA

Permanent Vascularity and Good Pumps on a Carb Restricted with Quadracarn
I decided to try Quadracarn starting it around June 20th so I have been taking it now for about 7 weeks. I have definitely seen an improvement in vascularity during this contest prep and I am willing to attribute a lot of that to the Quadracarn. Of course being leaner in general also helps, but I have seen added vascularity this year where I have never seen it before and it has been a permanent condition not just post training or post a certain meal. I have also maintained good pumps during my workouts even on a calorie and carb restricted diet, so again I give Quadracarn some credit for that.

VA MadDog – Beverly Forum

Amazing Vascularity with Quadracarn
I got my Quadracarn on Thursday and took some Friday. Didn’t notice a whole lot. Took it on Saturday too, but my diet was pretty poor and didn’t notice anything yet. On Sunday I went to do a light workout and wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but wow... I couldn’t believe my vascularity! I’m 67 years old and have trouble with narrowing veins and arteries, so it’s tough for me to ever achieve a vascular look unless I’m contest ready. This stuff is great. So, now it’s Monday and I want to order 16 more bottles right away! I’m getting some for my buddy too. Great stuff!

Paul Finamore
Chicago, IL

Looking Forward to My Next Workout with Quadracarn
This morning I took 5 Quadracarn and 10 Muscle Synergy 40 minutes prior to my training, 4 scoops Glutamine Select and 10 Density during training. I blasted out a PR on Romanian Deadlifts, cranking out 4 sets of 5 reps with 345lbs. at a bodyweight of 148.2lbs. Training for me is always at 5 am and I've never had any problems with energy levels, but I felt VERY good and in the zone for this workout. Much more so than usual. I am definitely looking forward to my next workout!

Quadracarn Update
I have now been on Quadracarn for four weeks. All other supplementation has remained unchanged. I take 24 Muscle Synergy on lifting days only, along with 4 Mass and 5 Ultra 40 with each of my daily 5-7 meals.

Before Quadracarn: May 11:
Weight – 147.7lbs @ 5.9% (non-age adjusted)

Four weeks later: June 9:
Weight – 151.1lbs @ 5.37% (non-age adjusted)
These measurements were taken with a 7 site caliper by my long time body fat guy. This is very encouraging progress. As Roger stated, I am also seeing increased muscle separation, hardness, splinters and cross striations normally apparent when I am closer to a show, although my calories have been roughly 400-500 grams higher than my usual maintenance calories. Calves, triceps, and quads have noticeably improved. What is also interesting is that I am not taking Quadracarn every day; Just on training days.

Aram N. Hamparian
Bronx, NY