Cool and Creamy Protein Shakes

to Transform Your Physique

Spinach berry ump shake

By: Sandy R
2 scoops Vanilla UMP
1 cup fresh baby spinach
1/2 cup berries
8-10 oz. water
6 ice cubes
Blend and enjoy!

Nutrition: Calories: 280 / Protein: 42g / Carbs: 19g / Fat: 6g

Earthquake cake shake

Makes 1 serving
1 Scoop Beverly International Chocolate Ultimate Muscle Protein
1 Scoop Beverly International Vanilla Ultimate Muscle Protein
8 oz. coconut milk (You can also use water)
1T Coconut, shredded
1T Pecans, chopped
6-8 Ice Cubes
Blend until smooth and CHUG!

Nutrition: Calories: 350 / Protein: 41g / Carbs: 14g / Fat: 17g

Berry protein smoothie

12-14 oz. cold water
½ cup fresh or frozen fruit (blueberries, strawberries, peach slices, berry medley)
2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein (I prefer Vanilla)
1) Mix in a blender on medium for 1 minute. Pour into a tall glass. Enjoy!

Nutrition: Calories: 300 / Protein: 40 / Carbs: 22 / Fat: 6

Berry booster shake

Ready in: 5 minutes Prep Time: 1 minutes Cook Time: 4 minutes
Makes 1 serving
8oz almond or skim milk
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
½ cup berries
1 tsp. peanut/almond butter
6 ice cubes
Place all ingredients into a lender and mix until smooth.
Quick tip: Substitute vanilla protein for strawberry or chocolate flavor.

Girl Scout cookie samoa shake

Serves 1
1.5 scoops Beverly International Cookies UMP
½ cup strong brewed coffee
½ cup coconut milk
1T coconut, shredded
1 tsp. dark cocoa powder
6-8 ice cubes
1) Combine all ingredients in blender
2) Blend until Smooth
OPTION: Use ½ cup Greek yogurt instead of coconut milk and make pudding if you’d rather this treat.

Nutrition: Calories: 263 Protein: 32g Carbs: 11g Fat: 10g

Payday protein shake

Serves 1
2 scoops Beverly international Cookies UMP
12 oz. water
2T PB2 (or 1T of peanut butter)
2T Walden Farms Caramel Dip
6-8 ice cubes
Place all ingredients in blender and drink your favorite candy bar! :)

Pecan cinnamon roll mrp

By: Iron Warrior aka Yukon Hercules, Dennis Weis
8 oz. Diet Vanilla Coke soda
8 ice cubes
¾ tsp. Cinnamon
¼ tsp. Salt
10 whole pecans (about 15g)
3 scoops Mass Maker
1 scoop UMP or Muscle Provider
Blend and enjoy

Pumpkin smoothee

By: Linda Reho

Make a thick shake with UMP or Muscle Provider and water (use 4-6 oz. water per scoop of UMP). Then pour into super-strong hot coffee to make a morning mocha, complete with froth. Sprinkle a little cinnamon or cocoa powder on top and sip.

Fruit and nut yogurt smoothie

By: Jeff Schuerman
1 ½ scoops of Vanilla UMP
1 teaspoon of cinnamon spice
1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice
1 packet of Splenda (or Equal)
4-6 ice cubes, cold water
Mix all the above ingredients together to create a smooth, creamy smoothie. I like to put mine in the freezer for a while to thicken it up.

Lip Licking Smoothie

By: Natalie Lahnan

1 oz. water
½ cup plain nonfat yogurt or low carb yogurt
1 scoop UMP vanilla
½ TSP cinnamon
½ cup fresh pineapple
½ cup almonds (unsalted)

Start blender, add water and other ingredients. Blend. Add ice cubes until you have a good thick smoothie.

Apple pie shake

By: Lee Ann Biesenthal
16 oz. water
½ of a green apple (cut into large chunks)
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. cinnamon
Stevia or Splenda
2 scoops Muscle Provider or UMP Blend all ingredients in blender. Oatmeal can be used to give it more texture (think of it like the apple pie crust).

Orange dreamsicle

12-16 oz. water
2 scoops vanilla Beverly protein powder
2 tsp. sugar free orange Tang

Orangicle (2)

By: Tara Darland
1.5 scoops UMP vanilla
1 tbsp. sugar free orange flavored fiber powder
about 10 drops of orange flavoring

I put all this in the blender along with a few ice cubes and mix it in water. Then I put it in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. It tastes like an orange creamsicle!

Strawberry raspberry smoothie

By: Jo McCracken
3 – 4 ice cubes
½ cup nonfat, low fat or soy milk
½ cup nonfat or low fat frozen raspberry vanilla yogurt (Haagen-Dazs makes one ∇ or just up the raspberries to 3 oz. and use vanilla yogurt)
3 oz. strawberries
2 oz. raspberries
¼ tsp. of Stevia
1 scoop UMP vanilla

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