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Since 1967 Beverly International has helped thousands of athletes reach their goals in altering body composition – building muscle and losing fat. BI delivers what many consumers feel are the most effective bodybuilding supplements available anywhere in the world.

Below you’ll find valuable information on a variety of important topics.


To help you craft your own personalized supplement strategy, we have outlined more than a dozen general profiles of individuals that have contacted Beverly International for supplement advice over the past twenty years. To fit your budget we’ve prioritized each recommended supplement stack.

Supplement Profiling Chart
How to Design Your Personalized Supplement Stack
(1) Choose the goal that best fits your situation from the list below.
  • A female 45 or older would choose the Fit45+ Category
  • A male looking to lose bodyfat would choose the Emphasis on Fat Loss category
(2) Start with the supplement or supplements listed as "Essential". These will form the foundation of your supplement program.
(3) If your budget allows, choose the "Advanced" list.
(4) The "Comprehensive" list will give you a complete supplement strategy to achieve your goal.
(5) "Maximum" stack is for the high achiever who "wants it all".


Females –Pick the program that most closely matches your current goal.
 1. Active Female Shape Up
 2. Beach Body
 3. Toned Athletic Physique
 4. Fit 45+
 5. Women’s Physique – Shape and Muscle

Males –Pick the program that most closely matches your current goal.
 1. Increased Muscle Size
 2. Emphasis on Fat Loss
 3. Gain Maximum Strength &Size
 4. Athletic Improvement
 5. 50 &Up

Pre Contest
 1. Bikini
 2. Figure
 3. Women’s Physique or Bodybuilding
 4. Male Bodybuilding
 5. Men’s Physique

Athletic Improvement (Male and Female)
 1. Crossfit
 2. Endurance
 3. Maximum Speed and Strength
 4. Teenage
 5.  Masters Athlete

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