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4 Main Sections of Bev-Solutions
1. Supplements
2. Nutritional Programs
3. Training
4. How to use the Bev-Solutions Section

There are 19 individual diets sub-sectioned Nutrition Program Index and 6 workout routines Training Program Index

Each diet has a PDF copy following the "Grocery Shopping List" heading, and the Training section has 50+ articles for specialized body-part specific exercises.

How do I use Bev-Solutions to create my own fitness plan?

We have compiled our most successful plans for specific goals that we’ve fine-tuned over the last four decades.

It’s all right here to help you create a plan for your best ever you!


If you’re looking for the best supplements to reach your specific goal (and already have a nutrition plan) simply scroll down the Bev-Solutions Homepage and click on the program that most closely matches your current goal.
» How to Design Your Personalized Supplement Stack
(1) Choose the goal that best fits your situation.
(2) Start with the supplement or supplements listed as Essential. These will form the foundation of your supplement program.
(3) If your budget allows, choose the supplements from the Advanced list.
(4) The Comprehensive list will give you a complete supplement strategy to achieve your goal.
(5) Maximum stack is for the high achiever who wants it all. You can learn more by clicking on the listed supplement or at If you have further questions please call Beverly International at 800-781-3475 to speak with an advisor or email with Supplements in the subject line.
» Here are some examples:
1) I’m a 30 year old female and just want to get in shape for the summer. I have a diet and training plan that I’m following, but would like supplements to help expedite my results.
  – Choose the Active Female Shape Up supplement plan
2) I’m over 45 and have some trouble areas that I’d like to work on.
  – Choose the Fit 45+ supplement plan
3) I’m a male collegiate athlete looking for supplements to give me an edge in my sport
  – Choose the Athletic Improvement supplement plan
4) I’m trying to get ready for a Men’s Physique Competition. I have a trainer who coaches me on diet and training, but would like to know what supplements are best for my goal.
  – Choose the Men’s Physique supplement plan from our pre-contest section


Our nutrition plans are listed by specific goal, and include a weight range. This gives a calorie specific program to help you achieve your goal quickly. These plans already contain the best supplement stacks to aid in achieving the goal they are connected to.
» Here are some examples of how to choose the best plan:
1) I am a 205lb male who would like to lose body-fat while simultaneously gaining lean muscle.
  – Choose the Males over 185lbs plan from the Gain Muscle and Lose Fat programs.
2) I am a 160lb female with a goal of losing body-fat while I keep the lean muscle I have.
  – Choose the Female over 135lbs plan from the Emphasis on Fat Loss programs.
3) My goal is to enter a Bikini Competition in 6 months
  – Choose the Bikini Competitors plan from our Competitor’s Programs

Nutrition Program Index

List of Nutrition programs for both gaining lean muscle and fat loss.

"Key Points" is a guide to help you select which diet matches your goal.
  1. Gain Muscle and Lose Fat
  2. Fast Fat Loss
  3. Maximum Strength and Muscle Gain
  4. Competitor’s Programs

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat
Males Under 185lbs
Males Over 185lbs
Females Under 135lbs
Females Over 135lbs
Fast Fat Loss
Males Under 185lbs
Males Over 185lbs
Females Under 135lbs
Females Over 135lbs
Gain Maximum Strength and Muscle Size
Males Under 185lbs
Males Over 185lbs
Female Maximum Muscle & Strength Gains


In the Training section, to help maximize the results of your Beverly nutrition and supplement plan, we have listed some of our time tested, no nonsense workouts. Simply determine your goal, and then choose the workout that is consistent with your desired results.

It is really hard to go wrong here. With any training program, you’ll get out of it what you put in. Choose the plan from the Training section that most appeals to you or check out some of the Training Articles from our No Nonsense magazine.

Bev-Solutions 6 training profiles
1. Periodization
2. Hardgainer
3. No Nonsense Basic Bodybuilding Training
4. Pre Contest Training
5. Training for the Figure Athlete
6. Training for the Bikini Athlete
Beverly International Training Diary PDF download

For more help

Published in the No Nonsense Magazine Vol. 19 #3 Bev-Solutions "For the Man Who Wishes to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat"

The Bev-Solutions FAQ [] for easy to find sections and links.

Since 1967 Beverly International has helped thousands of athletes reach their goals in altering body composition – building muscle and losing fat. While we cannot offer one on one nutrition and training counseling, we have put together the Bev-Solutions.