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To help maximize the results of your Beverly nutrition and supplement plan, we have listed some of our time tested, no nonsense workouts. Simply determine your goal, and then choose the workout that is consistent with your desired results.

Training Articles

From Beverly International’s No Nonsense Magazine

Beverly’s Best Training Articles
› Training for the Man in the Middle
› Training for Muscular Weight Gain
› Another Old School Muscle Building Program for You
› Here’s How to Put Your Muscle-Building Training on the Right Path (part 1)
› Here’s How to Put Your Muscle-Building Training on the Right Path (part 2)
› Over 50 Training
› 12-Week Training Cycle for Strength and Power
› 10 Day Training Cycle for Muscle Size and Density
› Back to the Basics Intensity Training
› A Vintage Training Program from 1985
› Six Weeks to Mass and Power
› Bring Up Your Weak Points
› Are Your Gains at a Standstill, Try This Program for the Next 6 Weeks
Abbreviated Training Programs
› Four Day per Week 60 minute Training Plan
› Slam Training, 20-minute Brief and Brutal Workouts
› Entry Level Basic Training
› Get Started or Restarted – Right!
› Get Started or Restarted – Right Pt 2
› Fast Gains in Size and Strength
› Mass Building
Home Training
› Heavy Arm Day in My Basement Gym
› Brain Wiefering’s Remedy for Chicken Legs
› A Squat Session in the Basement
› Time to Crush Shoulders
› How to achieve results in your home gym
For the female
› Post Pregnancy Training Program
› Dumbbell moves to Build Sexy Shoulders
› Shelli Jones Women’s Physique Training Program
› Tightening and Shredding Pre-Contest Workout
› Beginner to Figure Competition
› Training and Nutrition for a Fabulous Fit Figure
› Competition Training for Figure
› Michelle Brown My first year in Figure training & diet

Specialization: strength programs, bodypart specific training and more
› How to Increase Your Bench Press by Thirty Pounds in Six Weeks
› A Program to Improve Your Bench Press and Deadlift
› Gaining Maximum Bulk and Power – 700-lb Bencher Ken Lain’s Matrix Program
› Matrix Revisited for bulk, power and strength
› Advanced Arm Training
› Squat Specialization
› 42 Day – Leg Specialization Program Massive Muscle for the Natural Athlete
› Six Weeks to Mass and Power
› Bring Up Your Weak Points

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