10-Week Classic Periodization Training Program

Goal: Muscle Size and Strength

The "classic" periodization model breaks training into four specific phases:

  1. Hypertrophy – muscle size increase – moderate to high reps
  2. Strength / power – medium reps, heavier weights
  3. Power – low reps, heavy weights
  4. Rejuvenation   active rest

Phase 1 – Hypertrophy

The first phase of training is the one that builds muscle size and sets your muscles up for strength increases to follow. You’ll do 8 – 12 reps per set. Three work sets plus two warm-up sets per exercise.
Here’s the essential difference between a Periodized program and your typical bodybuilding workout:
During a periodization cycle your training weights should come near, but never exceed, your limit. That means you do not train to failure.
Make small steady increases on a weekly basis.
Recommended Weekly Training Program Outline:
Day 1: Chest (Heavy), Back (Light), Shoulders (Heavy)
Day 2: Legs (Heavy), Arms (Light)
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Chest (Light), Back (Heavy), Shoulders (Light)
Day 5: Legs (Light), Arms (Heavy)
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Rest
Repeat Cycle
On the (Heavy) days above start the first week with 90% of your 10RM (limit weight you can do for 10 reps.) If your max Bench Press is 225 for 10 reps in good form without a spotter, start Week One with 205 for your three work sets.
Increase your training weights each week by 4%. Week two is 210, week 3 – 220lb, and week 4 – is 102% of your starting 10RM or 230lb for 3 sets of 10. (Note that even though you only trained near failure for one workout out of the eight workouts during this phase you’ve added at least five pounds to your 10-rep max. A five-pound increase each month for a year results in a 60lb annual increase.)
You will be training each bodypart eight times during the first phase, but four of those days will be "Light". On "Light" days use just 85% of your planned heavy day poundage. This is crucial. The greatest strength increases occur when a particular muscle group is trained heavy once every 7 – 10 days and stimulated but not maximally trained 3 – 5 days later. If 205lb was your first week target weight, your (Light) day poundage would be 85% of 205lb or about 175lb. That’s what you should use. Remember, it’s supposed to be light.

Sample Phase 1 Bench Press Program based on a 10-rep max of 225lb

WeekHeavyLight Day (85% of Heavy Day)
4230 (new 10 rep max)195

Recommended workout to add muscle size and increase strength using Cycle Training follows:
Days 1 and 4
Chest: Bench Press and Incline Press (Barbell, DB’s, Hammer Incline or other Incline Pressing movement)
Back: Bent Row and Pulldowns or Chins
Shoulders: Choose one Shoulder Press movement (Smith, Military, Behind Neck, DB’s, Hammer)
Days 2 and 5
Legs: Olympic Squat (Bar High – below parallel), Leg Press, and Dead Lift on heavy leg day only (traditional style – bent legs / flat back) omit the Dead Lift on light days
Biceps: One Biceps Curling Movement (Barbell or Dumbbell)
Triceps: One Triceps Pressing Movement (Close Grip Bench, Dips or Dip Machine, or Pullover & Press)
Up-Lift is the perfect pre training supplement for the hypertrophy phase.
Research shows that the Hypertrophy training phase will cause you to add muscle and lose fat. For best results follow Beverly’s Gain Muscle – Lose Fat Diet Plan of 50% Protein, 20% Carbs, 30% Fat during this phase.
Supplement with Beverly’s Ultimate Muscle Protein / heavy cream combination. Take Mass Aminos with meals for greater protein utilization and Muscle Mass BCAA’s during training for an added build muscle – lose fat effect. You will definitely be adding muscle during this phase but if you find that your bodyweight is decreasing add Mass Maker Ultra as a post recovery drink to build more muscle and pack on the weight.

Phase 2 – Basic Strength

Do 5 sets of 5–7 reps in the Basic Strength phase. You want to start this phase with a weight that is just slightly higher than the weights you ended with during Phase 1. Even though you’ll be doing as few as 5 reps, don’t increase the weight too much. Start every phase with weights that are easy to get the recommended number of reps. Then work up to a new goal at the end of a four or five week cycle.

We’ll use our previous example for the Bench Press where you ended Phase 1 at 230 for 10 reps. In phase 2, warm-up with 135 for 10, 205 for 5, then your "target weight" for week one – 240lb for 3 sets of 5 reps. Once again increase your "target weight" each week. Increase your poundages each week by 4% like you did in Phase 1. Following our example you’ll be using 270 on week 4 at 270 for sets of 5 reps.

It’s best to use the same exercises for Phase 2 as for Phase 1. Use 5 reps as your goal for Bench Press, Inclines, Bent Row, Squat and Deadlifts. Use six or seven reps as your goal for arm and shoulder exercises as well as the secondary exercises like Pulldowns and Leg Press.

If your primary focus is bodybuilding include one "down set" of 10 reps to maintain your increased muscle size from the "hypertrophy" phase. This is a "down set" not a burn out set. Don’t go to failure here. Instead use about 70% of the weight you used on your "work" sets and stop when you reach 10 reps. As Lee Haney said, "Stimulate don’t annihilate."

Sample Phase 2 Bench Press Program based on a 5-rep max of 260lb:

WeekHeavy Day10-Rep (Down Set)Light Day
1240 (3x5)170205
2250 (3x5)175215
3260 (3x5)180220

During the Basic Strength Phase you want to add BI Creatine Select as well as some good complex carb sources to your diet. If you want to put on size fast – mix two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, 2 oz cream and 16oz milk as your meal replacement protein shake. I also recommend that you add a serving of Mass Maker both pre and post workout to enhance your gains.

If you’re on the bulky side still add the clean complex carbs but cut down on the beef and whole eggs to lower your fat intake. Mix your protein drinks in water. Drink a serving of Muscle Provider pre and post workout. Be sure to add Ultra 40 Liver tabs if you’re not already taking them during phase 2. They’ll give you strength benefits found in no other food.

Phase 3 – Power

Use 3 reps as your goal for Bench Press and Deadlifts, 3–4 reps for Squats and Bent Rows, and 5-6 reps for the others. Follow your two warm-ups, and three "work sets" with a "down set of 10 reps with 70% of your target weight, just as you did in the Strength Phase.

You ended your Strength Cycle at 270 for 5 reps. Now go to 280 for 3 as your target weight for Week 1, then 290 for 3 the second week. If the 290 goes fairly easy add a 3rd week at 295. Spend just three weeks in the Power Phase.

The Rejuvenation Phase follows the power phase. Here’s a chance to stay out of the gym completely, focus on a little cardio, or if you must go to the gym try some new equipment with no structured routine. After a week or two of active rest it’s time to start Phase One cycle again at a slightly higher level than your first time through.


  1. Start each phase with a relatively light target weight.
  2. Make sure to keep "light" days light – about 85% of your target weights for the heavy days.
  3. Stick to your planned program even if your target weights on a particular day feel light. Resist the temptation to add more weight.
  4. Rest long enough between sets so you can be successful on the next set.
  5. If you are unable to get all your sets with a planned "target" weight, use that same weight when your next heavy day comes around.
  6. Start your second complete cycle at a slightly higher level than you did the previous cycle.
  7. You should do two warm up sets and three work sets per exercise during each phase. Your first warm-up is always 10 reps. The reps on your second warm–up should be the same number of reps as your target sets during a particular phase.
  8. Don’t forget your "down" set of 10 reps with 70% target weight during Strength and Power phases if bodybuilding is your main goal.

Determining your 1-rep Max

Here’s another way to determine your ‘target’ training poundages:

If you know your One Rep Max (1RM) for a specific exercise multiply by the %RM to arrive at your target weight for that week. In this example the Target Weight is based on a starting one rep max of 300lbs.

Week%1RMRepsTarget Weight
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